Niko Children’s Hospital  Pvt. Ltd, Narayani’s first Specialized Pediatric Hospital which  is located at Bharatpur-10, Chitwan, Nepal. Registered on 20th September 2013  (i.e.4th  Ashoj 2070 B.S), we are rendering our service providing comprehensive quality medical care by experienced Consultants, Doctors, and Nurses.

All children have unique needs and should grow up without illness or inquiry. With the support of community and through our spirit of inquiry, we will prevent, treat and eliminate pediatric disease.


“To provide complete quality pediatric medical care to the needy with state of art technology and medical facilities.”


“To grow as a model children hospital in the nation by providing quality Pediatric medical service through hospital based services and also provide service in the community level through health camps.”


  • Prevention and cure of all preventable and curable paediatric diseases.
  • Improve clinical access and service to the children of eastern region.
  • Preventive care through immunization and early detection of diseases.
  • Improve quality of life by providing curative care through high quality medical intervention.
  • Play important role to increase life expectancy rate.
  • Increase public awareness through healthcare advocacy.
  • Interaction with stake holders to provide quality healthcare service.
  • To grow as a complete medical care service provider to the children.